Finding time to read is a serious challenge in the real world. Steeped in a dystopian future, Captivism solves this problem with three extreme solutions.


Captivism: New Regimes for the Modern Reader is my MFA thesis project. I created a series of short videos that introduces three speculative digital products designed to motivate future readers. The project revolves on one central dilemma: with the help of technological developments, books in the future are within arm’s reach, but we still face the same difficulties as today—a lack of time to read.  The project objective is to study and practice the speculative design process, and provoke new thoughts about our relationship with reading, and our expectations of technology. Each video introduces a product that uses negative motivations to promote and even enforce reading behaviors. The products use non-stop artificial intelligence that monitors a reader’s daily activities. The three solutions are dystopian and extreme “critical fictions” about the future that also reflect on how we live today.







1. Read-by Dates    Self-destructing books that keep readers on track.



2. Broadcast Guilt    Humiliates slacking readers on social media.



3. Self-Wetting Bed    The sleep-aware bed makes reading urgent.