Allovue's website redesign

I led Allovue’s website redesign, creating an experience that catered to the needs of our company’s target audience.


Web design needed a redesign

Allovue is an education finance tech company that creates software to help public school districts develop budget and staffing strategies, manage spending against planned budgets, and analyze a budget’s impact on student success.

Allovue home page before redesign

In 2017, Allovue’s products and services had grown since the company commenced, and these offerings were not reflected on our website. Our leadership and sales team didn’t feel the website portrayed a strong brand image that represented Allovue’s current status.

Our Process

Allovue's Director of Design, Jake Mauer, and I Joined force with marketing and dev team designed and launched the new website within 45 days.

To understand our users, we consulted with sales team, customer success team, and product team. We categorized our users into 4 personas, and identified the value we could provide for each.

We had 6 goals for the redesign.

  • Portray a strong brand image that represents Allovue as reputable partner
  • Reflect on the expansion of our products and services
  • Validate and support the leads generated offline by the sales team
  • Support content marketing strategy
  • Generate leads
  • Pre-sell our products

After aligning our content strategy to users' needs and our goals, we created a sitemap that illustrated how the pages and content related to one another.

We constructed the wireframes to get feedbacks from the rest of the team, so that we all could sync up at an early stage. These wireframes opened the path for a redesign that both catered to user needs and fulfilled company objectives.

Wireframes: Home / Products / Persona

To present Allovue as a trustworthy partner, we gave the Allovue brand some subtle tweaks.

The final design

We created a home page that clearly communicated the value of Allovue’s products, which through curated content lead users to desired actions, such as scheduling demos exploring products or reading testimonials.

To reduce cognitive overload for our users, we kept Allovue’s product pages simple and informative, calling out 3 main features for each product, and offering more detailed product documents to download.

We designed a blog that was easy for our team to collaborate and easy for users to read and share. As an expert and thought leader in education finance, Allovue is eager to share insights with the community. Our blogs have generated a significant amount of website traffic, which is part of Allovue's marketing strategy. See the live blog.

The outcome

After we launched the new website,'s weekly page visits increased by 46%. Sales teams expressed that the new site gives them more confidence in outreach.  I'm very proud of the quality work Jake and I produced with a short amount of time. A current customer commented that it "matched the quality of Allovue's products."